Thursday 9th December.    

7.30 pm (UK)   

By Kathy Abbott

Hosted by Talitha Wachtelborn 

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This is the 6th webinar in the series that replaced this year’s conference which will now take place at Bath University from 25th-28th August 2022. 

In this webinar, Kathy Abbott will talk about, and show some of the work of, Tomorrow’s Past.

TOMORROW’S PAST is the name of an international group of like-minded bookbinders that make modern conservation bindings for antiquarian books. The bookbinders are from the UK, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Argentina and others as invited. All of them work professionally as bookbinders and book conservators, some as teachers, and most handle work of many different types and periods in their everyday work. This fusion of experience and historical awareness with modern conservation materials, techniques and skill has produced work that is radical in its simplicity, ingenuity and truth to materials.

The most current group of Tomorrow’s Past participants has been: Kathy Abbott (UK); Carmencho Arregui (Italy); Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo (Italy); Sün Evrard (France); Charles Gledhill (UK); Peter Jones (UK); Katinka Keus (Netherlands); Jen Lindsay (UK); Sol Rebora (Argentina); Tracey Rowledge (UK).