Membership Renewals 

You can renew on the main website ( under the membership tab. 

Members who do not wish to renew via the website can send a cheque to the Membership Secretary or by bank transfer (address and bank details are on the application form) together with a completed application form. The form can be downloaded from the bottom of the website’s renewal page. 

We MUST have a completed application form from everyone not renewing online, for General Data Protection Regulation laws. 

Your Membership Number

There have been over sixty emails sent to the National Membership Secretary and regional secretaries from members asking for membership numbers so that they can book the Conference. Each member is allocated a number when they join the Society and it is required when making bookings for SoB events such as the Conference and the Seminar. That number can be found in the 2019 Directory of Members for those of you who joined before that date. However for all members your number is in the bottom left corner of the address label on any regular mailings received from the Society such as the Newsletter (see example below). If you have lost or forgotten your number please look out for it on the envelope of the April issue of the Newsletter, which you will receiving soon and make a note of it for the future.

David Brown