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Dear SOB Members 20^th Jan. 2021
It is time to bring you up to speed on progress being made with preparing SOB for operating in a new environment.
Firstly, I need to let you know that this year’s prestigious SOB conference has been postponed till 2022. As you will appreciate there is much at stake with regard to our delegates’ safety and that of our lecturers and suppliers.
People will, even after vaccinations, be reluctant to mix, and that is what the conference is about, meeting old colleagues and friends. It will be a while before confidence has fully returned. The protection of everyone’s families is also of paramount consideration.
All the lecturers are grateful for the decision as each country has its own travel restrictions re COVID 19 and no way of anticipating future rules. All the presenters have agreed to postpone until 2022 and the programme is intact.
After discussions with our International Bookbinding Competition organiser, we decided that it is crucial to maintain the link between conference and competition. This enables us to exhibit all bindings entered, which we believe to be a major part of the event. So, we have taken the decision to postpone the 2021 competition to marry up with the 2022 conference. A notification to those involved will be made by Ben Hendy very shortly.
To enable the competition to proceed, Ben will need help in 2022 due to increased work commitments. We are looking for a willing helper to assist with organisational duties. This is a really great opportunity for someone.
It is worth noting that Designer Bookbinders have postponed their own competition from 2020 to 2021 and in order to save conflict, and to do justice to both competitions, it makes sense to move ours to 2022.
As a method of filling the void this year and keep us mentally stimulated, we are looking at a presentation of online talks and demonstrations at roughly the same time that the conference would have been held. This will also be ratified on 13^th Feb. If other society members wish to be involved, please let me know.
We also would be able to show current work that people feel might be interest of others over this year and with co-operation from DB we hope to show their competition books.
SOB moving forward:
Since the committee met, work has been going on and changes are being made to make the constitution fit for the long-term future and expansion of the Society. A sub team has been working on this with feedback from the regions. We are driving forward for a sustainable future for all members.
There will be a draft document issued in the next few weeks prior to our next meeting on 13^th Feb. to ratify the conclusions.
Until we have a revised Constitution in place, it is unfair on the coming Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to be appointed until they know what they are working with as a document. Once that is in place or at least approved then an EGM can be called to fulfil those posts.
If any SOB members wish to put forward their nomination to be considered for any of the above positions please let me know, which at this stage would be in confidence.
Heritage Crafts Association.
Other work being done with the Heritage Crafts Association, for the protection of endangered crafts has been moving a pace thanks to Bindy Wollen acting as liaison with the Heritage on behalf of SOB. This link must be fostered for the protection and support of all our ancillary trades i.e., paper making, vellum production etc.
From this connection grant possibilities come to the fore. If you feel you would like to be involved in assisting Bindy in this endeavour, please step forward. Our craft must be protected, and it is in our hands to do so.
I hope the above gives confidence that we are moving forward with a willingness to make it happen, I am convinced we can.
Educational Booklets
There is on the agenda for us to look at more future educational formats for SOB members and subjects and surveys are being conducted through the regions by Hilary Henning so please let Hilary have your regional survey documents back so these can be pushed forward at the next meeting.
Kind regards and keep safe
Alan Hall – Interim Chairman
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